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Ulysse Nardin Freak X Aventurine 43mm 2305-270LE-9A-AVE/1A Replica Watch

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02/08/23 02:04


Ulysse Nardin Freak X


The lineage from the Ulysse Nardin Freak X can be traced back to typically the groundbreaking Freak in i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet. However , this new model, presented at SIHH 2019, forgoes some of the expensive elements of their avant-garde predecessor. This hottest release offers the most affordable click Freak ownership.


In 2001, Ulysse Nardin Watch launched a revolutionary view " Freak". Its name comes with a clue that it does not in accordance the specification. This avant-garde timepiece does away with traditional event, crown, dial and hands and fingers.


The gear educate and escapement are equipped with any " tourbillon carrousel", which will spans the " face area", rotates 360° just about every 60 minutes, and acts as a large minute hand. The main menu doubles as the dial in addition to hour hand, making just one revolution every 12 hours. Simply, this watch broke the laws when it was launched and remains to be a novelty to this day.


The watch has a hoagie construction, with the barrel inserted above the case back and occupying the entire width of the enjoy. The mainspring is motorized by rotating the periphery of the caseback. The mainplate sits above the barrel as well as, as mentioned, acts like a watch dial on which many of the movement's factors sit.


To get the hands, the latch located between the lugs is definitely lifted, unlocking the viser, which can then be spun in either direction regarding easy adjustment.


Ulysse Nardin has always been within the forefront of innovation, as well as the first Freak watch unveiled in 2001 was no difference. The watch is equipped with the Ulysse Nardin patented system having double direct impulses about the balance wheel, which has two escape wheels. Equally the escape wheel and the equilibrium spring are made of silicon (French for " silicon" ). This nonmagnetic, lightweight content is widely used today, nevertheless , Ulysse Nardin is the initially company to use this type of wine glass material.


older continues


In the past, the Ulysse Nardin Nut has evolved and spawned a range of styles. For example , the Kink Blue Phantom (2008) attributes blue-toned movement components. The particular Freak Diavolo (2010) is the first member of the Bug series to feature a just a few seconds display. The Freak Cruiser motorbike (2013) respectfully pays respect to the brand's naval story, incorporating marine-themed bridges and also hands.


Mantra of sophisticated using lightweight materials including forged carbon, or introducing additional indicators such as night out displays, Ulysse Nardin Observe has never flinched. In fact , the overriding urge to enhance seems to be at the heart of the brand's culture.


Even though I've always admired often the ingenuity displayed in the i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet Freak, I've never aspired to own one. Somehow, the idea always felt too tricky for everyday use. Currently, however , the Swiss corporation has launched the Ulysse Nardin Freak X, some sort of model full of welcome electricity. Plus, this new watch is a very affordable incarnation of the Fanatic yet, and in my opinion, the item represents excellent value for money. Well then, i'll elaborate further.




Typically the Ulysse Nardin Freak A comes in four versions, several of which feature a black " dial" (motherboard). However , Now i am intrigued by the Freak By Ti Blue. The gradation of blue used are eye-catching to the eye.


Each hour is manifested by a white luminous index chart. The scale spans the main area, connecting the minute track while using centrally located ring gear. Title and logo of the Switzerland company were unveiled on noon, elegantly in gradation of blue and white.

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Even though the Ulysse Nardin Freak X is the most approachable version of the iconic see, it doesn't show any symptoms of stinginess. The watch retains the actual Carrousel from its 'predecessor'. The " rectangular movement" is combined with the luminous second hand, which rotates 360° every hour.


A small wheel engages these ring gear, following a sale paper trajectory. On the opposite edge of the small wheel is a hour hand, which in addition uses Super-LumiNova luminous part.


Compared with it has the predecessor, the rectangular movements appears simpler, which elevates readability.




Historically, the particular Freak has been a large observe, measuring 45mm in height. The Ulysse Nardin Nut X has been washed along with downsized and now measures 43mm, which in my opinion is a significantly better size.


In my opinion, I found the Freak Back button to be very comfortable to wear. This timepiece head sits flush together with the wrist without any annoying rotate on the arm.


Ulysse Nardin surprised prospective leads with its choice of titanium, rose gold colored and carbon alloy conditions. The latter material is rather lightweight and is widely used inside aerospace industry. The brand's penchant for innovation isn't going to appear to be abating. Still, in the event I'm spending my hard-earned cash, I'll always purchase blue-dial, titanium-cased version.


Unlike other Kink models, the Ulysse Nardin Freak X features a regular crown, eschewing the popular front and rear turning bezels. This obviously preserves costs, allowing the Europe company to offer the Freak Times at a lower price. In my opinion, the traditional prized is easier to operate and has a new cleaner look.


The original Freak had typically the latch between the lugs, now my favorite model has a great titanium base rendered with blue PVD technology. This kind of " less is more" approach has led to clear developments.


The sky-blue crystal on the front in the dial is a box-shaped goblet that allows light to pack the plane of the dial. Predicament back features a sapphire crystal clear framed by a blue PVD-treated titanium ring.




Grade UN-230 is a new activity that utilizes some skills from Caliber UN-118 in addition to Freak Vision movement Quality UN-250. The new movement forgoes the " Grinder" process, the Ulysse Nardin single point constant escapement, and the si gear trains common for the expensive Freak Vision.


Viewing the UN-230 movement from the back, the patient will notice the blue skeletonized rotor, heat-blued screws, as well as partial views of the a variety of wheels.

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The total amount wheel is made of silicon. That lightweight material does not oxidation and is not affected by magnetism. In addition , the diameter on the balance wheel is particularly substantial. Generally, a large diameter harmony wheel will impart a wider moment of inertia therefore improve precision. Ulysse Nardin does not say if this is the true reason for using the oversized balance tire, but I suspect it can be. The downside of a larger sense of balance wheel is that its added in mass generally increases strength consumption. However , through the use of si, the latter problem is unsurprisingly less of an issue, seeing that evidenced by the impressive 72-hour power reserve.


Homeostasis wheel is also equipped with " nickel flyweights and sturdy microblades". In addition , the consistency of the balance is 21 years of age, 600 VpH (3Hz), plus the movement contains 21 jewelry.


Of course , often the 2001 Freak was very complex and a model of invention. The use of silicon was definitely groundbreaking at the time. In fact , many 18 years later, these days there are many companies that are just needs to adopt this expertise.


The innovative small hand incorporates the gear exercise and the balance wheel, to pick it was inspired. In addition , the actual ingenious upper and lower crowns intended for setting the hands and also winding the mainspring correspondingly are a work of wizard.


Whenever a technique is simplified, as in the case with the Freak X, there are allegations that it has been " simplified" and lost the exclusive essence of the original solution. In this case, however , I would make opposite point.


I applaud Ulysse Nardin for showing its awesome expertise by making the i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet Freak and its various after that descendants, however , I have a tendency want to own many of them. Nevertheless , Freak X is different.


The Freak X is more compact and satisfies ergonomically on the wrist. Often the dial is less cluttered, allowing for the hour and tiny hands to stand out along with improving readability. The lack of a rotating top board lends to a cleaner functional. The self-winding movement the actual watch perfect for everyday have on. Finally, and most pertinently, the particular Freak X is still located around its balance controls, fulfilling the wishes of the mechanical enthusiasts.


I could easily succumb to typically the glamor of Freak A in Ulysse Nardin in addition to spend my own hard-earned income. I believe readers who preferred the original " Freak" can have a different opinion. To that end, Ulysse Nardin deserves congratulations to get offering potential buyers their recent selection of Freak X, Bug Vision and Freak Out wristwatches.


Whether you cherish the Freak X as well as one of its siblings, agree to that it's different and applaud often the Swiss brand for not contouring. It pays to be different, along with the arrival of the Freak X makes that even easier.


technical specifications


Model: Ulysse Nardin Freak X

Referrals: 2303-270/03 //2303-270. 1/03

Case: Titanium/PVD-coated titanium; length 43 mm; water resistance 5 various ATM (50 meters); the front sapphire crystal and blue case back

Performs: hours; minutes

Mobility: Caliber UN-230; automatic mobility; frequency 21, 600 VpH (3Hz); 21 jewels; reserve of power ve = 72 a long time 

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